Arrange for garage construction services in Meridian, Caldwell & Nampa, ID

Are You Tired of Parking Your Car Outside?

Maybe you're tired of getting in a car that's been baking in the sun all day, or maybe you simply need more storage space. No matter why you need a garage or shop addition, you can rely on RBC in Meridian, Caldwell & Nampa, ID to build it correctly.

Whether you want to use the addition as a workspace or you just need a parking space, you can rest assured that we'll design a custom garage or shop that meets your needs. Once we get your approval on the design and materials, we'll get started on the garage construction process.

Call 208-461-5441 now to request a free quote for shop or garage construction services.

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What to expect from the garage construction process

We make getting a garage addition hassle-free. Check out our process:

  • First, you'll design your addition with our in-house designer
  • Then, we'll build your garage or shop addition
  • Next, we'll inspect the addition to ensure that there are no issues
  • Finally, we'll send qualified technicians to handle the garage door installation
During the garage door installation process, we'll test the doors and provide maintenance tips. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a contractor.